Family owned and operated BrickImaging was founded in 1976 and is the oldest brick staining firm in North America. From private residences throughout the Denver area to large commercial real estate properties nationwide, our professional-grade masonry stains have been modernizing and revitalizing homes, apartment complexes, hospitals, government buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, and much more for decades. All of our brick, block, stone, mortar, and concrete staining projects are backed with a standard 15-year limited warranty.

Why Brick Staining?

Painting brick, block, stone or mortar is rarely a good idea. While paint certainly changes the color of masonry, many compromises are made in terms of structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Paint creates an impenetrable surface membrane that coats exterior masonry and prohibits moisture, vapors, and humidity from escaping—typically resulting in the paint blistering and peeling within just a few years. Brick, block, and stone have naturally porous surfaces that need to remain permeable. Our brick stains are absorbed by masonry, resulting in a finish that looks entirely natural as they maintain original color variations and varying surface textures.

Brick Coloring and Brick Staining Options

Featuring a wide selection of exclusive Stayntech® colors and four application options, our proprietary brick stains provide an extraordinary and permanent color change of brick, block, stone, and mortar. Our stains can refresh weathered and outdated masonry or give it a completely new appearance that is trendsetting and modern. Although, not all of our staining projects consist of drastic color changes. We have revitalized many historical buildings on the National Register of Historic Places where aged masonry was stained to its original colors.