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Brick is a popular building material that has been used for centuries due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, over time, the natural color of brick can fade, become discolored, or outdated. This is where brick stain comes in. Brick stain is a product that is applied to the surface of bricks to enhance their color or change it completely. So, why should you stain your brick and what is the best exterior brick stain?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Stain Your Brick

Well, there are many benefits of staining your brick – especially compared to painting it – but we’ll highlight a few reasons before giving you the best brick exterior stain option (as well as interior).

Enhances the appearance of your brick

One of the primary reasons to use brick stain is to enhance the appearance of your brick. Over time, natural weathering, dirt, and grime can make your brick look dull and unattractive. Brick stain can help you revive your brick and make it look brand new again. You can choose from a variety of colors to complement your home’s exterior, or you can create a unique look that stands out from your neighbors.

Protects your brick

Brick stain not only enhances the appearance of your brick but also protects it from damage. The stain creates a barrier on the surface of the brick, protecting it from moisture, UV rays, and other weather-related elements that can cause the brick to deteriorate over time. The protective coating also prevents the brick from fading or discoloration due to sun exposure or other environmental factors.

Saves you money

If your brick is in good condition, but you’re not happy with the color, you might be considering a costly renovation project. However, using brick stain is a more cost-effective solution that can provide the same result. Staining your brick is a fraction of the cost of replacing it or repainting it, and it’s a relatively simple process that can be completed in a matter of days.

Increases your home’s value

Brick is a popular building material that adds value to your home. By staining your brick, you can increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. A well-maintained home with an attractive exterior will always fetch a higher price on the market.

Long-lasting results

Finally, brick stain provides long-lasting results that will save you time and money in the long run. The stain is designed to penetrate deep into the brick’s surface, ensuring a long-lasting finish that won’t peel or chip. Brick stain is also resistant to fading and weathering, meaning that you won’t have to reapply it frequently.

Using brick stain on your brick is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance its appearance, protect it from damage, increase your home’s value, and provide long-lasting results. Whether you want to update your home’s exterior or protect your brick from the elements, brick stain is an excellent solution worth considering.

Popular Brick Colors for Homes

What is the Best Exterior Brick Stain?

Staining brick continues to grow in popularity as more and more property owners and homeowners discover that masonry staining is actually possible (and beneficial, as mentioned above). 

Brick stains provide natural-looking results that are subtle or dramatic, depending on the desired finished look. 

But what is the best exterior brick stain on the market? 

Stayntech® masonry stains have been updating commercial buildings and homes for over 45 years and are widely known as the best exterior and interior brick stains available today.

BrickImaging’s proprietary Stayntech® masonry stains are specially formulated for both interior and exterior brick, block, stone, and mortar. 

As brick is a highly porous material, masonry stains are designed to penetrate and soak into the brick surface, resulting in a permanent finish that looks natural, has varying surface textures, and will never chip or peel like paint. 

Stayntech® brick stains have undergone extensive accelerated testing and are proven to be exceptionally durable, come in a wide variety of colors (with custom colors available upon request), and are backed by a 15-year warranty.

Again, the brick needs to breathe to prevent moisture from building up inside the masonry pores. Stayntech® stains are water-based and do not clog the porous surface of masonry; allowing brickwork to continue breathing naturally. Unlike latex paints, which simply create a suffocating and impenetrable membrane on the masonry surface that will eventually crack and bubble, brick stains are permanent and provide a maintenance-free long-term solution to outdated brick. As masonry has a unique character, brick stains enhance the natural beauty of masonry as opposed to covering it up with a layer of paint.

4 of the Best Brick Stain Options

Stayntech® low odor/low VOC masonry stains come in a wide variety of colors and are available in four application options—ranging from one color to multiple accents and contrasting mortar.

Stayntech Renew

Stayntech Renew™ 

Stayntech Renew™ features a single-color stain that is uniformly applied to brick, block, stone, mortar, or vertical concrete substrates. 

Stayntech Define

Stayntech Define™

Stayntech Define™ highlights our Mortar Mask™ technique and provides contrasting brick-and-mortar colors. 

Stayntech Enhance

Stayntech Enhance™

Stayntech Enhance™ allows an option to combine multiple colors on individual bricks to achieve a multi-colored appearance. 

Stayntech Combined

Stayntech® Combined

Stayntech® Combined (Define + Enhance) options are combined for enhanced detail or to incorporate additional colors.

BrickImaging Has the Best Brick Stain Options

BrickImaging applies a breathable top-coat matte sealer as the final step in its complete brick staining process. The penetrating sealant repels moisture and other liquids as well as provides protection against UV damage, harsh environmental conditions, and spalling. Spalling occurs when the face of masonry flakes or crumbles and falls away from the brickwork. It regularly starts as small cracks that grow into larger crevices until the entire surface of the brick deteriorates. By reducing the absorption of water with a breathable masonry sealant, issues caused by the freeze-thaw cycle can commonly be avoided.

BrickImaging’s weather-tested Stayntech® masonry stains have been modernizing and revitalizing office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, homes, and much more since the company’s founding in 1976. 

Staining brick can not only improve curb appeal and desirability, but it can also increase the value of your property. Real estate experts agree that updating a home’s exterior masonry with a new brick stain color can yield up to a 55% return on investment (ROI), depending on your location and the condition of the home. 

So, for example, if staining your home’s exterior brick costs $7,500, you can expect up to an $11,625 increase in your home’s value.

BrickImaging has been among the premier brick-staining companies in the country since its founding in 1976. The firm’s exclusive Stayntech® masonry stains provide an unmatched finish that is permanent, looks entirely natural, and is maintenance-free. Accelerated testing as well as real-time results have proven our industry-leading stains to be exceptionally durable and dependable.

If you would like to learn more about BrickImaging or our line of Stayntech® brick stains, do not hesitate to contact us.



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