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Brick Stain Colors

Curb appeal is the first impression visitors have when arriving at any home. But, if done correctly, it can also entice buyers even before they enter a dwelling. 

BrickImaging, the nation’s oldest brick staining firm, predicts that updating a home’s exterior brick with a fresh, new masonry stain color can yield up to a 55% return on investment (ROI), depending on where you live and a home’s existing condition. For example, if staining your home’s exterior brick costs $7,000, you can expect up to a $10,850 increase in your home’s value. 

Here, we’ll highlight some of the most popular brick colors for houses.

Brick Stain Colors

Popular Brick Colors for Homes

As brick staining is gaining in popularity for homeowners wanting to improve the exterior of their homes, we’ve got the seven most popular brick stain colors for 2023.

Classic White

Modern farmhouse design embodies the comfortable farmhouse style but with added contemporary touches, including warm and neutral color palettes and sleek, clean lines.

While the country aesthetic is cozy and rustic, the modern iteration features more sophisticated details and is comfortable without feeling cluttered.

The design style started gaining popularity around 2015 as a contradiction to the minimalist trend that was popular in the early 2000s.

Stayntech’s Classic White brick stain is a fresh and bright color without any undertones and is the lightest brick stain color to make our list. The color is timeless and serene and complements the design standards of a modern farmhouse.

“With the continued popularity of the modern farmhouse aesthetic, we’re seeing a definitive rise in homeowners wanting to achieve the look on their exterior. Crisp white brick stain is an ideal color choice for those wanting to update their exterior masonry to reflect the modern farmhouse style and its characteristics.” – Court Earp with Court Earp Interior Design.

Hidden White

Stayntech’s Hidden White is a beautiful off-white color with some depth that leans gray.

It differs from Classic White in hue and saturation and is a fantastic, neutral, and balanced color. Hidden White is timeless and tranquil and is one of BrickImaging’s most popular brick stain colors. It provides a versatile light-colored finish that complements the colors around it, including most door and trims colors.

Hidden White is the perfect neutral as it can moderate brighter hues and pull a color scheme together. 

Popular Brick Colors for Homes


Aspen is the warm version of Stayntech’s Hidden White brick stain color.

The stain is a modern cream color with taupe undertones that is neither white nor gray. It’s an ideal option for homebuyers who want their homes’ exteriors to stay on the lighter side but with a touch of warmth. Aspen combined with natural wood elements, or white trim creates a bright yet calming look to nearly any home style. 

Modern Aluminum

Moving on to a mid-tone gray, Stayntech’s Modern Aluminum is a warm, true gray with blue undertones.

It’s a contemporary color that works with traditional and contemporary home designs. In addition, modern Aluminum is a complex color that works well with light and dark-colored accents.

BrickImaging recommends this paint color for clients looking for a medium gray, slightly darker than Hidden White.


Stayntech’s Slate is a striking dark gray color with blue undertones and is slightly on the cooler side.

It’s a sibling to Modern Aluminum, although its blueish undertones are more pronounced and edgier. The exclusive color is much lighter than black yet still offers the modern and formal look that a very dark color provides. Slate is a tranquil shade that is versatile and perfectly moody but less galvanizing than a black shade.

BrickImaging predicts dark brick stain shades will have staying power and that more homeowners will turn to Slate as their near-black brick stain shade of choice. It pairs well with natural elements, including wood trim, mahogany, or cedar garage doors.


Ironclad is the next gray brick stain color to make our list.

It’s a rich, warm charcoal gray and is the darkest color in Stayntech’s brick staining color portfolio. As black, white, and neutrals are central to a contemporary home, Ironclad is a deep color that achieves a modern look without looking black. When applied to exterior brick, it leaves a modern finish that looks sleek when combined with muted black or simple black trim.

“A warm, dark charcoal can ground a property more than a lighter color. For example, brick has color variation; if you take it dark, the variations become much less noticeable.” – Court Earp.

About BrickImaging - Best Brick Colors

Modern Soya

The final popular brick stain color for 2022 is Stayntech’s Modern Soya.

The modern brown with a hint of gray shade has increased in demand during the past couple of years. It’s a mid-tone color that is rich and warm. Moreover, as brownish colors give a sense of strength and reliability, Modern Soya is expected to be very popular.

BrickImaging’s proprietary Stayntech masonry stains have been updating the look of private homes, hospitals, multi-family properties, shopping centers, business parks, and much more for more than 45 years. As brick is highly porous, Stayntech stains are formulated to be absorbed by masonry. Therefore, unlike painted brick, they will never chip or flake due to moisture trapped on the brick surface.

Stayntech masonry stains are available in 12 exclusive colors, with custom colors available upon request for an additional fee.

If you want to learn more about BrickImaging or its Stayntech brick stain colors, do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ – Brick Stain Colors

Q: What is BrickImaging?

A: BrickImaging is a family-owned company, founded in 1976 by Bob Homolka, specializing in brick staining. They offer proprietary Stayntech® masonry stains and are known as the nation’s oldest brick staining firm.

Q: What is the potential ROI of staining exterior brick?

A: Updating a home’s exterior brick with a new masonry stain color can yield up to a 55% return on investment, depending on the location and condition of the home.

Q: What are some popular brick stain colors for 2024?

A: The popular brick stain colors for 2024 include Classic White, Hidden White, Aspen, Modern Aluminum, Slate, Ironclad, and Modern Soya.

Q: What makes Stayntech masonry stains unique?

A: Stayntech masonry stains are specially formulated to be absorbed by masonry, ensuring they do not chip or flake due to moisture. They are available in 12 exclusive colors, with custom colors available upon request.

Q: Can BrickImaging stain different types of buildings?

A: Yes, BrickImaging stains various types of buildings, including single-family homes, office buildings, warehouses, multi-family housing, retail plazas, banks, hospitals, courthouses, schools, churches, and hotels.

Q: How does brick staining compare to painting?

A: Unlike painted brick, Stayntech masonry stains are absorbed by the brick, preventing chipping or flaking due to trapped moisture. This makes staining a more durable and long-lasting option compared to painting.

Q: Is it possible to request custom stain colors?

A: Yes, BrickImaging offers custom stain colors upon request, though this may involve an additional fee.

About BrickImaging

Bob Homolka founded family-owned BrickImaging in 1976 after he invented the firm’s proprietary Stayntech® masonry stains. The company is the country’s oldest block, stone, mortar, and brick staining contractor. It is still operated today by the Homolka family.

BrickImaging stains:

  • single-family homes
  • office buildings
  • warehouses
  • multi-family housing
  • retail plazas
  • banks
  • hospitals
  • courthouses
  • schools
  • churches
  • hotels, among many others.

Contact us today if you’re looking for ways to modernize your home’s exterior.

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