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Brick Stain Samples

Brick staining is an increasingly popular solution for updating the color of brickwork. However, there are many questions property owners ask when they begin the process of finding a reputable masonry staining firm. To answer those questions, we’ve provided some detailed answers that may assist you when determining if brick staining is right for you.

Which Brick Stain is Best for Brick?

Stayntech® masonry stains have been updating the aesthetic appeal of homes, shopping centers, apartment complexes, office buildings, and much more for over 45 years.

BrickImaging’s proprietary stains are specially formulated for brick, block, stone, and mortar and are regarded as the best brick stains available. 

The stains soak into the brick surface, resulting in a natural-looking finish that accentuates the varying surface textures of brickwork. 

Our masonry stains provide a finish that will never bubble, chip, or peel like painting brick. Weather-tested Stayntech® brick stains not only give your home an updated appearance, but they also can preserve the integrity and longevity of your masonry

The stains create a breathable barrier on the masonry surface that protects the brick from moisture, vapors, humidity, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions that typically cause deterioration. Water-based Stayntech® brick stains allow for masonry to continue breathing and will never trap water or moisture within the bricks. Stayntech® masonry stains are water-based, non-toxic, non-VOC, water-repellent, UV resistant, and mold and algae deterrent and therefore sustainable.

Stayntech® masonry stains were developed by BrickImaging in 1976 and have been used coast-to-coast for decades. The proprietary brick stains are available in an array of traditional and more contemporary colors and are backed by a 15-year warranty

Stayntech® is available in four applications including:

  • Stayntech Renew™
  • Stayntech Define™
  • Stayntech Enhance™
  • Stayntech Define + Stayntech Enhance
Stayntech Renew

Stayntech Renew™ is a single-color stain application that is uniformly applied to the masonry.

Stayntech Define

Stayntech Define™ features BrickImaging’s Mortar Mask™ technique and provides contrasting brick and mortar colors. 

Stayntech Enhance

Stayntech Enhance™ features a uniformly applied brick and mortar stain color along with accent colors to achieve a more dynamic appearance. 

Stayntech Combined

And, finally, Stayntech Define + Enhance combines the Define and Enhance options, resulting in contrasting brick and mortar colors as well as the application of accent colors.

Stayntech® brick stains have undergone extensive accelerated testing and are proven to be exceptionally durable, come in a wide variety of colors, and are backed by a 15-year warranty.

Do You Offer On-Site Brick Stain Samples?

BrickImaging prides itself on providing exceptional customer service—including applying complimentary on-site brick stain color samples for all of its projects. 

Property owners can select up to three different color options to be applied on their masonry from our Stayntech® portfolio of brick stain colors

Once a final color is chosen, a 10’ by 10’ sample of the color is applied to the home or building for more accurate visualization of the final color. 

We also apply the large sample so that the property owner has a better sense of how the color will reflect light as well as how pronounced the varying surface textures of their specific masonry appear through the brick stain color.

Why Should I Consider Trying Brick Stain Samples?

Brick stain samples are small swatches of masonry that have been treated with a particular color of the brick stain. These samples give you a real-life preview of how your chosen color will look once applied to your property. 

Here’s why they’re essential:

  • Color Accuracy: Brick stain samples offer an accurate representation of the final color, unlike digital images that can vary based on screen settings.
  • Texture and Light Reflection: Brick stain samples help property owners understand how surface texture and light reflection can influence the color’s appearance.
  • Comparison: Samples allow homeowners to compare multiple color options side-by-side to make an informed decision.

What Are The Most Popular Brick Stain Colors?

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your masonry, choosing the right color can make all the difference. At BrickImaging, we understand that this decision can be daunting. Hence, we’re proud to offer our patented Stayntech® brick staining technology and a comprehensive selection of brick stain samples to help you visualize the transformation.

BrickImaging reports that its most popular Stayntech® brick stain colors for spring 2023 range from a classic white brick stain to a dramatic dark gray/black brick stain.

White Brick Stain

The brick staining company lists Pure White as its fastest-growing color in terms of popularity.

The stain is a clean bright white void of any undertones and complements the modern farmhouse design.

Another popular Stayntech® masonry stain color is Hidden White. It’s an off-white color that features some depth that leans gray. The color differs from Pure White in hue and is a neutral and balanced color.

Dark Brick Stain

The final two popular brick stain colors are in the gray family. 

Stayntech® Slate is currently in high demand by both homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Slate is a rich gray color with blue undertones and is slightly on the cooler side. 

Ironclad – a warm charcoal gray, and Stayntech’s darkest brick stain – is a deep color that results in a contemporary finish without looking black.

You can see the entire Stayntech®  brick stain color portfolio—featuring 12 exclusive colors.

white painted brick

Is Brick Staining Better Than Painting?

While both paint and stain can dramatically change a brick home’s exterior appearance, staining brick is considered a better choice because of its breathability and longevity.

When contemplating painting or staining your brick, consider that brick staining is permanent and maintenance-free, unlike paint. Therefore, stained masonry is far more attractive to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. 

Paint creates an impenetrable membrane on the brick surface that suffocates the masonry and traps moisture, resulting in chipping and peeling within just a few years. Continued maintenance, including repainting, is then required as the paint continues to bubble and pull away from the masonry. 

Stayntech®  brick stains, on the other hand, are absorbed into the brick surface for a permanent matte finish that does not require any kind of upkeep. And, contrary to latex paint as well as masonry paint, Stayntec® h brick stains are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any harsh chemicals or solvents.

For even more protection, BrickImaging applies a breathable top-coat sealer after the brick staining process. Masonry sealants help protect the brickwork from rain, snow, and importantly, ice. The sealant repels water vapor that can cause mold and mildew as well as excessive damage to masonry during freeze-thaw cycles. Spalling occurs when moisture freezes and expands within the masonry itself, causing small cracks to appear that continue to grow larger. The face of the brick may then crumble, flake, or even fall off of the brick surface. 

Masonry sealants protect the brickwork from spalling as they block the absorption of water, all while the masonry continues to breathe naturally.

Is Staining Brick a Good Idea?

Brick staining is the best solution for property owners who want to update the curb appeal of their home or commercial building

As we mentioned previously, painting brick is not recommended by masonry industry experts as the latex paint will begin to deteriorate as soon as it is applied. Brick stain, on the other hand, is a permanent finish that does not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for decades. Importantly, masonry stain does not damage the brick surface but actually maintains the integrity of the masonry. 

Choosing a color for your masonry is a significant decision that can impact your property’s curb appeal and value. BrickImaging’s Stayntech® brick staining and comprehensive range of brick stain samples ensure you can confidently make this decision, knowing you will be thrilled with the results. 

Whether you’re considering a residential or commercial masonry enhancement in the Denver area or across the Front Range, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our family-owned and operated company is credited with launching the brick staining industry in the 1970s with its proprietary Stayntech® masonry stains. If you would like to learn more about BrickImaging or our line of Stayntech® brick stains for your home or office building, do not hesitate to contact us.



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