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Brick Stain vs Paint

Perhaps the color is fading or you’re trying to add more curb appeal and you’re looking to upgrade your brick property. Whatever the case is, it’s good to compare brick stain vs paint, as far as which is better for your home or business. Brick staining is the better option for long-term property looks and maintenance, in our expert opinion, and here’s why:

Why Staining Brick Lasts Longer vs Paint

Brick is the most popular choice among home and business exteriors with 34% preferring it over vinyl, stone, and stucco siding. The natural chemical makeup of the brick stain makes all the difference compared to that of actual paint.

brick stain vs paint

Benefits of Brick Stain vs Paint

Building a brick house comes with a wide range of benefits and staining the brick will only prolong its durability.

Staining your brick will maintain the natural integrity of the brick and allow it to keep its texture and look. It also does not “cake” the brick, meaning it soaks into the brick and allows the porous material to breathe. It’s basically acting as a dye, which complements the natural characteristics of brick instead of covering them.

Painting, on the other hand, isn’t a bad option either but requires a bit more upkeep and maintenance. This is because you’re basically just adding a thick, flat, latex finish/layer over the brick, covering it entirely. It loses its natural look and feel, and although it may stand out more, it traps moisture in the brick which not only deteriorates the brick but the paint as well.

The benefits of a (stained) brick property include but are not limited to the following:

Low Impact On The Environment

Think about a lot of old structures like the Great Wall of China or the Roman Colosseum (or any Roman structure for that matter) – brick has played the main role in structures that, for the most part, are still standing, even after hundreds of years.

Brick is made out of shale and clay. These are among the two most readily available materials on earth. It can be reused for all sorts of different DIY projects such as creating a backyard path, building a birdbath, a retaining wall, or a fire pit. Brick is durable, requires less maintenance, and greatly reduces the energy consumption of the building altogether, making it more energy-efficient.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is made out of a toxic plastic called “Polyvinyl Chloride” (PVC) which isn’t as safe to reuse or dispose of. The manufacturing alone of vinyl as a siding option produces unnecessary greenhouse gases like nitrogen oxide, as well as dioxin and sulfur dioxide.

brick staining vs paint

The option to stain your brick rather than paint it means there is a lower amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our brick stain options are made up of environmentally-friendly products that don’t cause harm to people or nature. The stain is just as long-lasting as the brick it is applied to.

Painting brick makes a larger environmental impact as more chemicals and toxins are introduced to the structure and surroundings. As painted brick needs more maintenance, every three to five years, more paint is needed to be applied to the brick. Over time, the paint deteriorates from the brick and is absorbed into the environment. The brick will last longer than the paint applied to it.

Fire and Weather Resistant

Bricks are noncombustible and can potentially help contain a fire and relegate it to one section of your house. They can also withstand the impact from debris in the event your house is in the middle of extreme weather of any sort. You can even get lower homeowners insurance if you have a brick exterior.

Staining your brick actually allows the stain to chemically bond with the brick, as it’s mineral-based. The stain does not discolor or melt when heated, so it’s able to withstand the heat as much as the brick itself.

As for paint, it’s a coating on the brick. It has a lower heating point, so if the brick were to reach extreme heat in a fire or extreme weather, the paint on the brick can be compromised – it can melt or discolor.

Low Maintenance

Brick is low maintenance and lasts a long time but eventually, the color will wear and the exterior may grow weaker. That’s where staining your brick comes into play! Brick can become discolored over time changing the entire look and feel of your house.

Most DIY’ers resort to painting their brick which is a temporary solution that takes a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Brick Painting is ok for small at-home projects such as a fireplace. You’ll most likely have to do it every few years and it can be a creative way to change the look and feel of your living room.

Imagine having to paint the brick of a massive commercial building with hundreds of thousands of bricks every few years.

brick staining vs brick painting

The Best Solution for Brick

Brick Staining, if done right, can not only make your home’s exterior look brand new, it can also preserve the integrity of the brick and protect it from the elements. When you paint your brick, it eliminates the brick’s natural porous surface. This prevents it from being able to breathe and traps moisture. The moisture builds up and leads to cracking and eventually chipping.

When you stain brick with Stayntech® technology, it soaks in and bonds to the brick. It does this while maintaining its natural surface, allowing the brick to breathe and preventing it from cracking. When you paint the brick, it forms a film over the brick while staining forms a chemical bond with it.

The stain becomes a part of the brick while maintaining its porous structure to allow it to breathe and locking in color making it look brand new.

Our clients oftentimes ask themselves why they didn’t do this sooner. Staining your brick changes the feeling of your entire house. Businesses located in the city next to older buildings will be pleasantly surprised by how drastically it changes the look of an entire block.

An old, rundown city block can look brand new by staining your brick.



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