Our Story

Family-owned BrickImaging was founded by Bob Homolka in 1976 after he invented the firm’s proprietary Stayntech® brick stains. The company is the oldest block, stone, mortar, and brick staining contractor in the country. It is still operated today by the Homolka family.

Bob, a successful owner of a Fort Collins-based painting company, dreamed up the idea of a masonry stain after he realized the product did not exist. After years of research and extensive testing, Staytech® masonry stain was born. His first masonry staining project involved staining mismatched bricks on a commercial building under construction.

The masonry contractor was facing tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs, so he contacted Bob, hoping he had a solution. Bob was able to correct the problem after applying his Stayntech® masonry stain and saved the project.

Successive staining projects helped define BrickImaging as a premier provider of masonry staining services. Today, the company has expanded into both residential and commercial masonry staining. Our clients include homeowners, commercial building owners, architects, facility managers, real estate portfolio managers, construction managers, military personnel, etc.

BrickImaging specializes in staining single-family homes, office buildings, warehouses, multi-family housing, retail plazas, banks, hospitals, courthouses, schools, churches, and hotels, among many others.

BrickImaging has been the premier brick staining contractors company in the nation since our founding in 1976.

Our exclusive Stayntech™ brick stains provide a consistent finish that is permanent, looks entirely natural, and is maintenance-free. Our stains are formulated specifically for brick, block, stone, and mortar, and are guaranteed to never bubble, chip, or peel, like paint.

To learn more about the best brick-staining contractors, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details of your latest commercial property renovation.