Our proven brick staining technology, Stayntech® masonry stains, has been updating and modernizing commercial buildings and residences for decades. Available in 12 exclusive colors and two application options for contrasting brick-and-mortar colors, our weather-tested stains are explicitly formulated for vertical brick, block, stone, mortar, and concrete.

Accelerated testing and real-time results have proven our industry-leading stains to be exceptionally durable and dependable. BrickImaging’s Stayntech® has been the stain of choice for property owners, real estate portfolio directors, facility managers, homeowners, and others since 1976.

All Stayntech® projects include:

Stayntech Renew

Stayntech Renew®

Stayntech Renew® is a single color stain that is uniformly applied to brick and mortar. This application may also be applied to block, stone or vertical concrete substrates.

Stayntech Enhance

Stayntech Enhance®

Stayntech Enhance® allows an option to combine multiple colors on individual bricks to achieve a multi-colored appearance.