Transform your outdated commercial property with our Stayntech® Purchasing and Training Program. It allows you to purchase custom formulated Stayntech® masonry stains directly from us that are then applied by your preferred installer. Each purchase comes with complimentary onsite training for your installer by a member of our team prior to the staining application.

Minimum order requirements:

135 gallons of Stayntech® masonry stain and 85 gallons of top coat sealer

(covers approximately 15,000-18,000** square feet)


**Coverage rates vary based on original background color, stain color, substrate texture and aesthetic preferences.

Step 1

Step 1: Schedule project consultation

Step 2

Step 2: Custom formulated onsite sample $2500 flat fee* for on-site and custom formulation

Step 3

Step 3: Order Stayntech® masonry stain

Step 4

Step 4: Onsite training for your preferred commercial painter