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Exposed Brick Wall Ideas

Exposed brick walls are a trend we don’t see going away anytime soon, and for good reason – it fits just about any style, from industrial and bohemian to vintage and modern/contemporary. It adds charm, character, comfort, and texture to any room, office, or house. However, there is a certain amount of maintenance that comes with having exposed brick, and you may want to update it as you make changes to your interior design. So, here, we give a few of our suggestions when it comes to exposed brick wall ideas.

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How to Dress Up an Interior Brick Wall

As we said, exposed interior brick walls have always been in style.

From older homes to remodeled homes, a brick wall is a focal point that draws your attention. They’re beautiful on their own but sometimes they need a little decoration to really complement your home’s décor. We’ve got five simple ways you can dress up an interior brick wall to truly make it a striking feature.

Use Open Back Shelving

Shelving with an open back not only makes your space look more open, but it can also give the illusion that the room is wider.

Instead of using a bookcase that will cover up a large portion of your brick wall, use open back shelving so that the wall can still be seen behind it. The shelving unit will enhance the diversity of colors in the wall and you won’t miss an opportunity to add additional storage space. Open back shelving is ideal for displaying your favorite accessories including pictures, objets d’art, small plants, and more.

Hang Your Art

A simple solution to updating a plain exposed brick wall is to make it a gallery.

Hang your favorite art or framed pictures using linear lines or hang them sporadically for a more contemporary and casual look. When hanging only one larger piece, a simple rule of thumb is to place the center of the art object at 60″ to 63″ above the floor. Instead of drilling into your masonry to install a nail or a picture hanger, consider using a detachable brick clip. You can find brick hangers at many home improvement stores or online.

Create a Layered Look

Tap into your creativity and lean large accents, including oversized mirrors and framed art, against your interior brick wall.

Leaning a large floor mirror up against your wall will make the space look and feel larger. It’s an easy and informal alternative to hanging items on a wall. Layer larger pieces with smaller ones in the front to give depth and dimension. The visual interest will transform a simple wall into a masterpiece.

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Add Plants

Intertwining nature with your exposed brick walls not only injects a burst of freshness into your living space but also creates a serene, organic ambiance. Consider adorning your brick walls with hanging planters or ivy, allowing the greenery to cascade down the rugged backdrop, creating a tranquil retreat.

Accentuate the beauty of your brick by adding natural elements including plants and artificial greenery.

Not only do houseplants add color and enhance the overall décor of your room, but they can also increase creativity, reduce stress, boost moods, and help eliminate air pollutants. Many plants absorb harmful gases through their leaves and roots, creating a healthier indoor environment. You can also make your room look taller by hanging plants that draw the eye up to the ceiling. Ivies, pothos plants, and strings of pearls accentuate the vertical space of a brick wall.

Antique Decor

Antique decor and exposed brick walls are a match made in heaven. The rustic patina of antiques complements the weathered bricks, bringing a sense of history and nostalgia. Think antique mirrors, vintage signs, or historic memorabilia.

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Other Simple Exposed Brick Wall Ideas

Not all good ideas require a makeover or a lot of work – here are a few easier, lower-maintenance ideas for your exposed brick wall.

Library Wall

You can transform the exposed brick wall into a sophisticated library wall simply by installing wooden shelves across its length. Try adding a ladder on a rail for higher shelves, leather armchairs, and a vintage rug for that classic library feel.

Industrial Chic Room

Embrace the industrial aesthetic in your room by letting the brick wall stand raw and complementing it with metal and wood furniture. Try using a metal coffee table, wooden side tables, and leather sofas. Maybe even add an edgy chandelier.

Creative Workspace

Utilize the exposed brick wall in your home office. It adds character and serves as a source of inspiration. Try hanging motivational posters or artwork, add a sleek desk, ergonomic chair, and ample lighting. Be creative and add things that promote creativity and productivity.

exposed brick wall inspiration

Loft-Style Bedroom

Use the exposed brick for a loft-style bedroom, which adds texture and warmth to the space. Try adding minimalistic furniture, monochrome bedding, and add greenery for a touch of nature.

Home Bar Area

Set up a chic home bar against the exposed brick wall, perfect for entertaining guests. Use a stylish bar cart or install a countertop with cabinets. Add bar stools and hanging glass racks.

Mural/Graffiti Art Wall

Hire an artist to create a mural or graffiti art on the exposed brick wall to give your space a unique and artistic touch. Try keeping the surrounding décor simple to let the art be the center of attention.

Don’t Paint It, Stain it

While painting exposed brick walls might seem like a quick refresh, it’s a decision that comes with long-term consequences. Paint can severely impact the brick’s ability to breathe, trapping moisture within and leading to potential structural issues. It also masks the natural beauty and texture of the brick, often resulting in a flat and monotonous appearance.

If you no longer like the appearance of your brick wall, or simply want a change, consider having it stained. 

Here at BrickImaging, we advocate for staining as the optimal way to enhance your exposed brick walls. Unlike paint, stain permeates the brick, enriching the color without compromising texture or integrity. It allows the brick to retain its natural ability to breathe, ensuring longevity and durability. With staining, your bricks are not just colored; they’re protected and preserved.

From a spectrum of colors to a variety of finishes, our staining solutions promise to revitalize your space while honoring the brick’s authentic beauty. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, our experts are here to guide you through every step, ensuring results that resonate with your vision.

BrickImaging’s exclusive Stayntech® brick stains provide a consistent finish that is permanent, looks entirely natural, and is maintenance-free. Available in 12 exclusive colors and four application options, our stains are formulated specifically for brick, block, stone, and mortar, and are guaranteed to never bubble, chip, or peel, like paint.

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BrickImaging has been among the top brick coloring and staining companies in the nation since its founding in 1976. Our proprietary brick stains are absorbed by and integrated with the face of the masonry. With brick stain, the original surface textures and color variations remain—unlike paint.

To learn more about our brick staining process, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details of your latest home improvement project.

Hopefully, these exposed brick wall ideas have helped inspire you and remember – brick staining is the better way to go if you’re looking to update the look and feel of your exposed brick walls. If you’re looking to renovate your home or office, brick staining might be one of the best long-term exposed brick wall ideas.



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