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How Long Do Brick Houses Last?

Brick homes aren’t just appealing to the eye – they are sturdy, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. There are so many other benefits to having a brick house, but one of the biggest benefits is how long they last. So, just how long do brick houses last?

how long do brick houses last

How Long Will a Brick Home Last?

Brick homes are typically perceived as being more solidly built and feature a classic look that is coveted by many prospective homebuyers.

Whether it’s nostalgia stemming from a childhood home or because brick is widely known as a low-maintenance building material, houses made of brick are in high demand.

But how long do brick houses last?

We have some answers for you.

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (IACHI), brick structures are built to last 100 years or more.

Throughout Europe and on other continents, homes, castles and other buildings made of brick have stood tall for centuries.

Homes throughout the country can easily reach centenarian status and some have lasted for hundreds of years.

Bacon’s Castle in Surry, Virginia was constructed in 1665 for Arthur Allen and his family and is widely recognized as the oldest brick dwelling in North America. Originally known as Allen’s Brick House, it earned the moniker “Bacon’s Castle” in 1676 when several of Nathaniel Bacon’s men occupied the home for four months during the uprising that became known as Bacon’s Rebellion.

brick houses last long

How to Keep Brick Houses Lasting As Long As Possible

So now that we know how long brick houses last, what’s the reason for lasting so long?

What factors contribute to the longevity of brick material?


It’s important to note that regular maintenance influences the life expectancies of nearly all structures.

The battle between moisture and structural deterioration does not have to be a losing battle. Properly-performed maintenance can greatly increase the lifespan of your brick home. Masonry should be periodically inspected, looking for mortar joints that have become soft, are cracked, or have begun to crumble.

Any break or defect will allow rain, snow, heat, and cold to compromise the integrity of your masonry system. Importantly, moisture will seep into your brickwork and may cause considerable damage. Regularly tuckpointing, the process of removing and replacing mortar joints, can help you avoid costly repair costs.

Preventing Moss, Mold, and Mildew

Moss, mold, and mildew are typically the result of little-to-no sunlight on portions of a brick structure.

Mix one cup of bleach with a gallon of clean water and apply the solution with a scrub brush. A natural or even synthetic bristle brush should do the job.

But we do not recommend using a wire brush as it will leave traces of steel behind that will rust and may discolor your brick.

how long will a brick home last

Avoid Painting Brick

Never resort to painting your brick in an effort to remodel and bring new life to your brick home.

Once the paint is applied to brickwork, it will begin to break down in as little as three to five years. Paint saturates the masonry’s pores, preventing it from releasing moisture. Water is trapped behind a non-permeable film that lies on the brick surface – resulting in unsightly blistering and peeling.

Brick Staining

Contrary to paint, masonry stain penetrates brick surfaces.

BrickImaging is the oldest brick staining firm in North America and has been updating the color of existing masonry for 45 years. Our proprietary brick stains are absorbed by masonry and allow the surface to continue breathing naturally as if it was unstained. As brick is a highly porous material, BrickImaging’s masonry stains are formulated to create a chemical bond with brick and will never chip or flake due to moisture trapped within the masonry. Our proprietary brick stains integrate with the face of masonry, resulting in a consistent finish that is permanent, looks entirely natural and is maintenance-free.

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