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How to Update Brick Exterior

Brick is one of the best options for residential and commercial properties, which is why it’s been around (and lasted) for centuries. However, brick doesn’t always look as good on day 1,993 as it did on day 1. It only requires a little bit of maintenance and we’ll walk you through how to update brick exterior.

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How To Update Your Brick Exterior

Owning a brick home comes with many advantages.

Brick exteriors absorb humidity more efficiently than those constructed with other building materials including wood and vinyl siding, require little maintenance, and are exceptionally energy efficient.

But brick houses also come with a few drawbacks as well.

The natural and enduring beauty of brick can fade over time as once-popular masonry colors can become outdated and rather drab.

Early summer is an ideal time of year to update a brick home’s curb appeal so we have a few tips that can modernize and rejuvenate the overall look of your exterior brick.

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Clean Your Masonry

Many times brick exteriors can look old and outdated simply because the true color of the masonry is buried under layers upon layers of dirt and soot.

You might be surprised what a thorough cleaning of your brick can do. DIA Network has a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your masonry.

But be careful. Pressure washers can easily permanently damage the masonry surface. Be sure to speak with a masonry professional prior to cleaning your brick.

Paint the Front Door

Use contrasting colors to your advantage.

Select a color that not only complements the style of your home but one that is eye-catching so as to draw attention away from your brick color.

Think yellow or red.

Light, as well as deep colors, are more conspicuous than median shades.

Read this before you paint your front door.

Use Your Green Thumb

Plant perennial bushes and shrubs in front of your home. The bright colors of the blooms will detract from the look and condition of your brick.

Think Azaleas and Hydrangeas.

You may also want to consider planting an ornamental colorful tree as well. Here are 12 tips for successful front yard landscaping.

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Add or Paint Your Shutters

Shutters can often give your home some much-needed personality. They can also draw the eye away from the exterior brick.

Select a color that stands out from the color of your masonry.

Many designers suggest brightly colored shutters should either match the color of your front door or be accompanied with a more neutral front door hue.

Stain Your Brick

As painting exterior brick can bring more continued maintenance and added costs than expected, brick stain may be the best option for increasing the overall look of your home.

Masonry stains act like dyes and are permanent, unlike paint.

When brick is painted, masonry pores are clogged and moisture is trapped within the brick itself.

While paint certainly changes the color of brick, the hassle of trying to maintain it may not be worth it.

We always recommend that brick staining should be left to the professionals.

BrickImaging is the oldest brick staining firm in North America and has been updating the color of existing masonry for 45 years.



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