RESIDENTIAL Brick Staining

Brickimaging’s proprietary staining application has been used to update the color of brick, block, stone, mortar and concrete for more than 45 years. While many of our nationwide projects consist of commercial buildings, Brickimaging is proud to offer the same proven staining solution for homeowners in the greater Denver area.

Brickimaging provides a more natural-looking and longer-lasting alternative to painted masonry.

Our exclusive Stayntech® masonry stains come in a wide variety of colors, are maintenance-free and are backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

In order to get started on your residential brick staining project, we recommend browsing our website gallery to gain insight into the capabilities of BrickImaging’s Stayntech® staining application. 

Then, click on any of our “Free Consultation” or “Free Estimate” buttons, submit your information, and a BrickImaging representative will contact you to discuss potential staining solutions and provide pricing information that is specific to your project. 

After receiving your complimentary estimate, we will be happy to schedule a free, no-obligation sample to show you what the application is capable of achieving on your particular masonry.  

If you have any questions about the brick staining process, or would like to start your project, contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate!

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classic white residential brick stain
Before After before residential brick stainafter residential brick stain

Our warranty

Standard 15-year warranty

Our experience

45+ years of residential brick staining experience

Why Brick Staining?

Staining your brick maintains the original porous structure allowing it to breathe and protects it from the elements in the process.