“We at the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute are happy to recommend your staining services to clients with a color matching problem in brick, block, mortar or concrete. Masonry walls are intended to last a long time and we have faith that your stain will last a long time, too. We have recommended your work many times in the past with excellent results. We will continue to tell people with masonry color matching problems about your service.”
Diane Travis
Technical Director, Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute
“It was amazing to see the building transform in such a surprisingly quick process. The owners were concerned for months about what to do with the back of the building now that it had a beautiful addition to it and painting it wasn’t an option. When they saw the stained brick they were happy customers. They were even more thrilled that it didn’t cost a lot of money and there will be little to no maintenance. We had a comment from (a) citizen asking, “When did you replace all those individual bricks”? When we told them it was a stain, they couldn’t believe it. Thanks for beautifying the Historic Townsend Hotel and helping it to become the Natrona County Townsend Justice Center.”
Deborah Catellier
GSG Architecture
“We worked together on an art gallery in central Denver, Colorado, and wanted to express our gratitude. We were renovating a 100-year-old brick building into a modern art gallery. The structure of the building was in need of extensive remediation which, in turn, affected the overall budget. Due to these unexpected costs, our exterior façade budget had been trimmed. We contacted your company with hopes of an alternative method of dressing up the exterior. To our surprise, the final product was better than what we had envisioned, even before our budget was reduced. We requested a custom color, which required samples. Your crew was happy to tweak the colors until our client was satisfied. BrickImaging finished the job on time and within budget. The building continues to look great, and we accomplished exactly what the client wanted, a great looking building with a complete new exterior color scheme. Thank you and your crew for all that you did. We greatly appreciate your professionalism.”
Terry Bond
Beck Building Company
“BrickImaging is incredibly good at their craft. Beyond their professionalism and friendliness, their expertise in the nuances of masonry staining puts them at the top of their field. When it comes time to transform your masonry into a beautiful, durable look that complements your taste, call BrickImaging.”
Jay H.
"Several homes in our neighborhood used BrickImaging to stain their brick and the homes really stand out and look fantastic. We are very happy to have found BrickImaging to help us transform the look of our home. We had a mustard yellow/orange brick from the early ‘80s that did not age well and now we have a striking white brick with dark grey accent that is 100% on trend! The process from start to finish was smooth and well communicated."
Jason E.
"What a transformation of my home. I could not be happier with the service and the crew as well as the products used. All my neighbors have stopped by to tell us how awesome my house looks. I'm so thrilled, I was nervous on the first day but after they got started and I could see the transformation happening before my eyes, I was so happy with the colors I had picked. Doesn't look like paint, it looks like I have re-bricked my home. Beautiful job."
Laurie G.
"We purchased a new home and the stone was an awful green color. We searched and searched to try and find an alternative to painting it. I was ecstatic when we found BrickImaging. The crew was super professional and informative about the entire process. We love the look of our modern gray stone. Highly recommend the team at BrickImaging."
Melisa S.
"We wanted to update our yellow brick house with a new look, and are thrilled with the results -- our house is now a beautiful white brick, and its curb appeal has increased immensely. The team members are personable and knowledgeable and we had a great experience. I highly recommend BrickImaging if you are looking to update any brick on your home!"
Samantha S.
"I honestly couldn't be happier with BrickImaging! From the very first interaction all the way to the finished product things were perfect. They were responsive, professional, stick with their quote, and the crew who did the actual staining was fantastic. Very polite, clean, and hard workers. I've been getting daily compliments on the new color of brick and will be referring BrickImaging to my real estate clients who's homes need a little face lift. "
Anne C.
"I can’t recommend BrickImaging enough! Steve came out and did samples on our brick right away and even helped us submit a sample to our HOA for review. The HOA took forever to respond and months later when we finally got approval Steve got us back on the schedule ASAP. Our house looks great! Like it’s brand new! Love it!"
Jaclyn T.
"As part of a major renovation, BrickImaging stained our dark red, brick home a beautiful light grey. They were responsive, professional, and communicated every step of the way. They gladly provided several samples, applied to our brick, in order to help us chose the color that worked best for us. We love how our house looks!"
Dorelle P.
"We are total fans of Brickimaging. A friend told us about the company after she had the brick on her house stained. The crew was exceptional. They know their stuff and they work fast and efficiently. We are so happy with the transformation of our house."
Cathy C.
"BrickImaging is an amazing company! From the first time we reached out to the company, to when they completed the work, they were professional, quick in responding to our questions, and listened to what we were asking for. The end result was more than we could have asked for. We would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking to change the color of their brickwork."
Sally P.