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Stayntech® Care and Testing Results

Stayntech® for Brick Staining and Coloring

Summary of BrickImaging, INC. ASTM testing

A recent test was conducted to determine the durability of Stayntech for brick staining. BrickImaging, Inc. employed the independent laboratories of MPT, Inc. to perform a series of evaluative tests on the Stayntech® treated brick, as well as to potential updates of the Stayntech® treatment process including UV fade-protestant and dry film fungal growth inhibitors. Each test was performed according to ASTM standards and full summary of the results is available at BrickImaging, Inc. In general, the tests demonstrate a sturdy product that withstands the rigors of accelerated, intensive treatment, and by correlation, environmental stresses.

Quality Stayntech® for Brick Block Mortar Stone

Cleaning should the treated surface become dirty, marred, scuffed, or otherwise in need of cleaning, follow the recommended steps. Before beginning ensure cleaning agents do not fall on the “don’t” list. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for use, except as listed below. In all cases, do not allow the cleaning agent to dry on the surface. Generally, pre-wet the surface, apply cleaner, scrub briefly, and then rinse. Clean in sections so that cleaner remains on the surface no more than five (5) minutes.

Quality Stayntech® for New or Existing Masonry

Examine the preparation, submittals, materials, services, and equipment required to coincide with the Stayntech® Process. BrickImaging materials on the job site are properly sealed in containers and marked clearly. It’s also important to make sure that all acrylic-based materials be kept from freezing.

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